Taking Care of Your Car During Winter

Winters are approaching, weather is getting trickier, and temperatures are going down with each passing day. But can you allow these weather effects to take a toll on your expensive car? Of course not. The best thing you can do is to identify the weather challenges and prepare your car for them. Jut pay some attention and take a little extra effort to keep your asset free from any trouble during the chilly months. Extreme cold climate can affect different parts of your vehicle, and here are a few tips to avoid any gremlin during the season.

Battery Condition

Get your car’s battery properly checked and fill distilled water in it as required. If your battery is already worn out and it needs replacement, then get it done now, as during the winter months, it will go through a challenge of giving more current due to cold weather than other seasons. To overcome this problem, experts advise to ignite your car for a few minutes every 15 days. This trick will keep the heat on and will prevent your car’s battery from going into deeply chilled state. It’s also advisable to keep some jumper cables ready, which will be of help if the battery suddenly runs down.


Perfect functioning of your brakes is extremely important for your safety during the drive. However, during the winter months, your car’s braking distance may increase because of wet road conditioning, thereby bringing your safety to a compromise. So, get your car brakes checked before the winter season and ensure that they are working fine.

Engine Oil

Always check your car’s engine oil before the winter starts. If it needs to be changed, this is the best time to do that.


Check coolant in the radiator and top it up to the marked point. Apart from keeping the engine cool, coolant also prevents the water in the radiator from freezing during times of below zero-degree temperatures. In some cars, the coolant has an important role in keeping the cabin warm too.

Foglamps and Headlights

Fog is a common occurrence during winter months, and that can affect your visibility while driving. Hence, it is important to ensure that the light systems of your car are in best of condition. Both headlights and foglamps enhance your visibility by piercing through fog, thereby keeping you safe on the road during foggy conditions as well. Get these lights checked and repair or replace them as and when needed.

Washer and Windshield Wipers Fluid

This liquid plays a significant role in winter mornings, because of which it is recommended to always keep it full up to the brim. Also check your wiper blades and look for any damage. If they have cracks, replace them with new ones before your vehicle is exposed to chilly weather conditions.


If you live in an extremely cold region with regular snowfall, ice may form between the door and the rubber seals and the doors of your car may get jammed as a result. To prevent this from happening, keep your doors well lubricated, as it will prevent snow from building up.


Tires are the most important components of your car, as they are the only surface that stays connected with the surface of the road. Check the tire tread depth. If they are worn out, immediately replace them. Also keep checking the tire pressure regularly to ensure that you do not face a flat tire on a chilly winter morning. Cold temperature outside can cause your car’s tire pressure to dropdown, and it can be a major problem if you do not check them regularly.

Climate Control

Checking the climate control system of your car is extremely important during the winter season. It is helpful in keeping the car interiors warm when the temperature outside is freezing cold


Defroster helps in preventing ice from forming on the windows, which can be a big reason for decreased visibility while driving. Keep your defroster in good condition to get the most out of it.

While taking proper care of your car is important throughout the year, it is even more important during the winter months due to harsh weather conditions. Follow the tips mentioned above to keep it up to the mark during cold weather, so that you can safe and comfortable during your drive.