How to Repair your Car Emergency Brake

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Emergency Brake is a very important part of a Four Wheeler. Though it seems very unnecessary, but it truly saves life in different critical situation. Emergency brake, which is known as Hand Brake or E-Brake or Parking Brake specially used to give your car a static position. Sometimes the covering rubber hose of the cable was out and it leads rusts or damages to the metal cable of this brake. By following the steps below you can easily fix it up.

Steps to Fix Emergency Brake:

  • First, you need to remove the boot from the floor covering. If it is a plastic boot, then loosen it with a flat head screwdriver. And if it is a leather boot, then by unzipping it you can easily pull the boot off.
  • Now you should carefully pull out the two cables that are connected with the Emergency Brake handle.
  • After that by using lug wrench you should loosen the lug nuts of the tire where the broken cable is connected to. Now by using the tire jack raise the car to remove the lug nuts. Therefore, you can easily access the wheel drum.
  • Now take out the emergency brake cable from the wheel drum. Each side of this break has two separate cables. If you pull a cable connected to the brake drum and find it loose, you need to repair both the parts of the cable. But if it is not lost, you only have to replace the cable from the emergency brake handle to the equalizer bar.
  • By losing the tension nut holding the cable to the emergency brake handle with a socket wrench you can pull the cable out from the nut.
  • For removing the cable running in the wheel drum, remove the drum by loosening the bolts attached to the axle and pull it. Now, remove the tension nut by holding the cable inside the brake system mechanism.
  • Replace the broken cable with the new one.

So, these steps would surely help you to Fix your Emergency Brake.


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