How to Remove Old Steering Wheel

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If you are a proud four wheeler owner then Steering Wheel is something that you always have to deal with. Now if you think to have a new steering wheel then you can easily install it by yourself. For this you need not to hire any mechanic. So now you can get rid of the same boring steering wheel any time.

Steps to Remove and Install the Steering Wheel:

  • Before replacing the Old Steering Wheel you need to have a new one that fits your car’s mechanism and model. You should also keep handy screwdrivers, pullers and pliers for doing this task.
  • Now before starting keeps your car in proper position. By using your existing steering keep your car tires in straight position. So you can avoid a faulty installation of the new steering wheel.
  • Before removing you should unplug all the electrical systems of the car. This way you can avoid any possibility of electrocutions, horn blowing out etc. To make sure remove the battery from the ends to stop current flow.
  • Now you should also remove the horn cap and horn button before starting the task. In some car horn is attached in wheel spokes. In that case, before removing the horn, check out the screws properly.
  • After removing the horn you need to remove the wire. You should cut the wire which is attached to the plastic sleeve.
  • Now you need to remove the shaft-nut. Take off the shaft-nut retainer clip and use a 24 mm socket and ratchet to remove the nut and its washer attached to the steering wheel of your car.
  • By using a marker you can mark the orientation of the steering wheel. This will help you to install the new steering wheel.
  • After you have detached all the attachments and marked the place, your old wheel is all set to be removed.
  • Now your car is ready for new steering wheel installation.

So these steps would surely help you to remove your old steering wheel and install the new one.

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