How to Charge a Car Battery

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While driving a car, your car battery can be dead at any point of time in the middle of nowhere. That time, all you have to do is to charge your car battery to start the car. The best way to avoid this sort of unwanted problem is to do regular servicing and proper cleaning of your car. While cleaning your car don’t forget to clean the terminals of the battery. Here you can get a few tips to charge your battery when needed.

Tips for Charging Battery:

  • When a car is running it charges its battery by itself. The alternator produces the required electricity to the battery. Normally within thirty-minute of a drive a car battery gets charged. And if you switch off the AC, radio and lights, then it gets charged earlier.
  • Jumpstart is one of the best options to charge your car battery. First keep a running car near to the car with dead battery. Now turn off the ignition of both cars. Then you should attach the positive (red) clamp to the positive terminal of the dead car and the working car and after that the negative (black) clamp to the negative terminal of the working car and the unpainted metal surface of the dead car. Now start the working car and leave it for few minutes to charge the battery. Finally, remove the cables in opposite order.
  • Plug the battery charger into a normal 110-volt household outlet. They can do a quick charge, slow charge or a trickle charge. A solar powered car charger is a very good option to maintain the car battery, if it is to be left unattended for a long time, in the sun.
  • Scraping the terminal with a wire brush or an acidic liquid can remove the corrosion that may stop the electricity transformation between the terminal and clam.

So this information would definitely help you to charge and maintain your Car Battery.

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